Million Dollar Networking

The Sure Way to Find, Grow, and Keep Your Business

Andrea Nierenberg

Date Published :
September 2005
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Business
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ISBN : 9781933102054
Pages : 280
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The Wall Street Journal called Andrea Nierenberg a 'networking success story.' She is a master at helping others build their interpersonal skills to create strong business connections. In her first book, she told you how to improve your life, luck, and career through personal networking. In "Million Dollar Networking", this top corporate consultant focuses on what she knows best - building business through networking - and shows you how to find and develop a solid network of business relationships and lifelong customers. For all types of businesses--from financial services to advertising agencies, from retailers to technology companies --Andrea provides the universal rules of effective networking, offers easy-to-follow steps for establishing your business connections, and explains the attributes of great networkers and how you can attain them. In her frank, relaxed style, Andrea's new book is just as fun to read as her first, Nonstop Networking, and has useful tips and action points, plus exercises to help you incorporate her teaching into your business plan.


The author of the popular 'Nonstop Networking' is back with more advice for making and keeping valuable business contacts....In a glutted market of networking guides, Nierenberg's second offering shines.

- Kirkus Reports, August 2005

Can't decide which industry organizations or clubs to join? Use the 2-2-2 strategy, says Andrea Nierenberg, author of ‘Million Dollar Networking' (Capital Books, 2005). Attend two meetings. This lets you experience the group, meet members, and get an idea of the organization's long-term goals. Meet two people and exchange business cards. They can answer your questions about the organization and introduce you to other members. Arrange two follow-up meetings (breakfast, lunch, or just coffee). Even if you don't join, you now have two new contacts. And if you do join, these new contacts can multiply into many more.

- Successful Meetings, September 2005

Nierenberg aims to help you build relationships without annoying prospects to death. Her golden rule? ‘Network with others as you would have them network with you'....There are exercises to help you find people you know and identify the ones you'd like to, build and maintain relationships, and use introversion to your advantage.

- Lucy Webb, Washington Business Journal, November 2005

Like any other business event, you want to dress professionally. ‘Don't wear anything you wouldn't wear the following day if you had to make a presentation in front of senior management,' says Andrea Nierenberg, a New York-based business-relationship consultant and author of Million Dollar Networking.....Nierenberg's advice: For women, keep bare skin to a minimum. For men, make sure everything is buttoned and zippered. If it's your first holiday party at your job, be sure to ask colleagues about the dress code ahead of time.

- Aleksandra Todovora, Smart Money, December 2005

Clearly she knows her stuff. Over the course of 10 chapters, she takes you through all of the steps necessary to make a chance meeting into a valuable business contact.

- Corridor Business Journal (Iowa City, IA), December 2005

Turn the tables on someone who asks for 15 minutes of your time. Ask them to e-mail you their questions - with the answers they would give. This will focus their thinking and weed out people who aren't serious, says Andrea Nierenberg, author of "Million Dollar Networking."

- Crain's Chicago Business, January 2006

From the etiquette of giving and taking information to creating strategic business alliances, Million Dollar Networking is essential for any who would profit.

- Midwest Book Review, January 2006

…it could be given to new salespeople, account executives, attorneys, financial service representatives and just about anyone who could benefit from reading the text and doing the exercises.

- Business Information Alert, February 2006

Andrea R. Nierenberg, author of "Million Dollar Networking" (Capital Books, 2005), offers other useful suggestions for preparing for a networking event.” Tips included.

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 2006

…networking inappropriately can kill a potential relationship in an instant. That's why it is important to be considerate both of the person you are talking to and of those around you. Andrea Nierenberg, author of Million Dollar Networking, offers .. ways to avoid embarrassing yourself and your potential contact

- Association Forum of Chicagoland, March 2006

NETWORKING: Tell lots of people you're available. Academic success and a fitting career can be a difficult gap to cross, says Andrea Nierenberg, who has written two books about that all-important career skill, networking. A lack of experience and fierce competition are the two largest obstacles for most of us, she says. As we're nearing the graduation season, Nierenberg offers a few networking tips.

- Chicago Tribune, April 2006

For all the introverts who say, ‘I don't have the gift of gab,' Nierenberg begs to differ. You need to start this book by reading Chapter 6, ‘The Introvert's Networking Advantage,' first to see how introverts can adapt their style to turn their innate strengths to networking advantages.

- BizBooks syndicate, Chicago Tribune, April 2006

MILLION DOLLAR NETWORKING "Easy Doesn't Do It …Forget a quiet game of golf. Some folks make business networking a real adventure. . . Andrea Nierenberg, the author of Million Dollar Networking and a consultant on building business relationships, routinely brings business cards with her when she hikes and-no surprise-has struck up several business relationships that way. But she usually does her trekking during spa weekends around the country.

- US News & World Report, November 2006

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