All Moms Work

Short-Term Career Strategies for Long-Range Success

Sharon Reed Abboud

Date Published :
February 2009
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development
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ISBN : 9781933102689

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This book is for moms who decided to stay at home to care for their children but who are now ready to -- or need to -- go back to work. In All Moms Work, career-expert and mom Sharon Reed Abboud offers sound, sane, short-term strategies to supplement the family income -- working from home, finding a good part-time job, or tackling a full time job to meet economic and/or career goals. Her book helps you plan wisely and devise short-term strategies that will lead to long-term career goals. And, yes, it offers you ways to continue your career and still be a hands-on, primarily-at-home mom.

All Moms Work helps women concerned about raising their children and making ends meet the practical advice they need to keep skills, contacts, and resumes fresh; to earn serious money while working primarily from home; and to transition back to professional part-time or full-time employment when they're ready. This is a career guide that will help you re-enter the work force or stay home now and work full-time again in the future.

Vital topics covered in All Moms Work include:

* Reinventing yourself and deciding if it's time to change careers
* What is your brand?
* Plum jobs for career changers in sales, healthcare, and education
* Do you need a website?
* How to handle initial re-entry job interviews, and much more


"All Moms Work is a must read for every woman who has ever worked or ever intends to work. It will no doubt become a bible for women who are grappling with the dilemma of how to strike a balance between work life and parent life. Each chapter breaks down the choices that career women have to make, and provides essential information to inform and educate the reader about all their options. As a career coach and consultant, I will be putting this book on all my clients' reading lists.” --Cheryl Stein, Canada's Personal Coach

"Abboud takes a sledgehammer to the myth that women must make an either/or decision about working. The reality is that part-time work is a meaningful option for millions of women who want to step back, but not completely away, from the full-time job market. All Moms Work is a valuable resource for any woman looking to combine work and family." --Kathleen J. Wu, Andrews Kurth Attorneys, LLP

"Smart, practical, inspiring--and respectful of all mothers' choices! This is a book for mothers to read for themselves and to lovingly share and discuss with other mothers who are working out their dreams for work and family over the short and long term.” --Hannah Riley Bowles, Associate Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

"Sharon Reed Abboud's book is an extraordinarily rich resource for today's mothers (and fathers). This easy-to-read, insight-filled, and downright useful book is a must read 'fave' for moms linking them in to career savvy advice, imaginative options, and terrific tips." --Nanette Levinson, Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University*


10 Ways to Make the Most of an Informational Interview…6. When job seekers go on informational interviews, they should request referrals from the interviewer for additional people who may be willing to meet with them. Then, they should meet with those people and request additional referrals. It is not a waste of time. Even if they do not receive a job tip, the job seeker's network will expand outwards like a web," reveals Sharon Reed Abboud, a career strategist and author of All Moms Work: Short-Term Career Strategies for Long-Range Success.

- Yahoo, May 2009

It's possible to have a flawless resume, a great work history and a great attitude, but still blow the job interview. Subconscious, nonverbal gestures might be sending the wrong signals to a prospective employer. All Moms Work: Short-Term Career Strategies for Long-Range Success (Capital Books, $15.95) by Sharon Reed Abboud offers eight suggestions on how to project positive body language.”

- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 2009

Sharon Reed Abboud of Ashburn is the author of the new book, "All Moms Work, Short-Term Career Strategies for Long-Range Success," which was published by Loudoun-based Capital Books in April 2009. …In this e-mail interview, Abboud discusses her career decisions and why she decided to write a book about back-to-work options for moms.

- The Washington Post, May 2009

You can also take courses online or at your local community college. Sharon Reed Abboud, author of "All Moms Work: Short-Term Career Strategies for Long-Range Success," points out the importance of being tech savvy. ‘Be sure to get up to date with technology (including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and any certifications or re-certifications that are required for your industry.

- New Jersey Star-Ledger, April 2009

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