Deal Diva

How to Negotiate Your Way to Success Without Selling Your Soul

Kim Meredith

Why are women still not equal to men, either in the home or in the workplace? The fact is, women don't know how to get what they want. In short, they do not know how to negotiate. Deal Diva will arm you with the negotiating expertise that will allow you to hold your own in business and in life.
Date Published :
March 2011
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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ISBN : 9781770200395

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From persuading your five-year-old to go to bed on time to getting the best price on a new car or closing a multimillion-rand business deal, the principles and processes in this book can be applied both at home and in the workplace. With invaluable advice from other successful, high-profile women such as Jenna Clifford and Joan Joffe, you will be ideally equipped to make your way in whatever field you choose so that you can get the deals you want. Far removed from stuffy business books and without being corporate mumbo-jumbo, Deal Diva is irreverent, informative and a jolly good read that will empower the fabulous dealmaking diva in you. It is a practical and informative, yet also funny and sharp, read: the advice offered in Deal Diva is based on the author’s years of personal experience at the very top of the business world.

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