An Accidental Manager

Tales from the Corporate Jungle

Roger Collis

Humorous commentary on the worlds of advertising, marketing, and business travel.
Date Published :
October 2014
Publisher :
Bauhan Publishing
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781941934005
Pages : 400
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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A selection of Roger Collis's best work across the decades, this book draws from his days of subversive reportage inside the advertising industry and international marketing to his later commentaries on the world of business travel and the witty, self-deprecating travails of daily life as a journalist in the South of France.

About The Author

Roger Collis has earned world-wide recognition as a business travel guru through his weekly column, ‘The Frequent Traveler,’ every Friday for 23 years (1985 – 2009) in the International Herald Tribune; and as a contributing travel columnist for the New York Times. He has been described as the dean of business-travel journalists in Europe, who ‘created the template for business-travel columns in newspapers worldwide.’ He writes a bi-monthly column for CNN Traveller magazine, and contributes each month to OAG’s Eye on the Skies newsletter.

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