Developing an Effective Business Plan

A Business Model Path to Success


Date Published :
April 2017
Publisher :
Enodare Limited
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781906144944
Pages : 300
Dimensions : 9.5 X 7.5 inches
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To develop and write a successful business plan, you need to begin by creating and validating an effective business model. The business model is the core of your business plan—it is your unique recipe for making sustainable profits. The business plan is your strategy for developing and running each major aspect of your business in a way that successfully executes your business model.

“Developing an Effective Business Plan: A Business Model Path to Success,” will show you step-by-step how to use one of the most highly regarded business modeling techniques, the Business Model Canvas, to identify, test and validate the optimal business model for your enterprise. The book will then show you how to develop and write a business plan that will most effectively implement your validated business model.

Each component of an effective business model is addressed, both individually with its own dedicated chapter, and as a whole. Those components are: Market Segment; Value Proposition; Channels; Customer Relationships; Revenue Streams; Key Assets; Key Resources; Key Partnerships; and Cost Structure.

Then we turn to the business plan. You will learn how to write a compelling executive summary to attract investor interest; how to analyze and describe the business environment and market you will operate in; how to develop and describe your initial marketing plan, operations plan, and e-commerce plan; and how to produce key financial projections that gauge your business’s potential and serve as key benchmarks for future progress.

A detailed case study is used throughout the book to illustrate and help you understand how the process of creating a business model and writing a business plan plays out in the real world. By reading, studying and applying the techniques we discuss in this book, you will be able to lay a solid foundation for launching a successful and profitable business.

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