The Lady Lord Mayors of Norwich 1923–2017

Phyllida Scrivens

Date Published :
April 2018
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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40 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473893696
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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The Lady Lord Mayors of Norwich 1923 - 2017 offers an entertaining and revealing insight into the diverse lives, both personal and civic, of seventeen remarkable women, who between 1923 and 2017, has each held the honor of being First Citizen of the City of Norwich in Norfolk England. Moreover, the pioneer Ethel Colman, daughter of the mustard giant, simultaneously became the first female Lord Mayor of both Norwich and of Great Britain.

Amongst others, meet the war refugee from Czechoslovakia; the ‘Ten Pound Pom’; the Manageress of C&A; the keen amateur actress; the Trade Unionist; the Scot from the Glasgow shipyards; the Hairdresser Lord Mayor; the Prison Governor’s wife and the first known official consort with Down’s syndrome. Discover the Civic Coach, priceless regalia, traditional robes, Whifflers, Snap the Dragon and the magnificent Art Deco Norwich City Hall, opened in 1938 by King George VI, allegedly coveted by Adolf Hitler as his regional HQ if the Nazis should win WW2.

Using in-depth personal interviews with surviving female Lord Mayors, their colleagues, friends and family members, supported by research material from local archival sources, author Phyllida Scrivens has uncovered fascinating anecdotal stories, both joyous and tragic, many involving royalty and national figures. This book, including original photographs, delves behind the scenes of public office, discovering inspiring women determined to rise above the constraints of a hitherto patriarchal world.

About The Author

Phyllida Scrivens lives with husband Victor in Norwich, Norfolk. In 2016, aged sixty, she achieved a life-long ambition when her debut biography of a Kindertransport boy, _Escaping Hitler_, was published both in the U.K and in America. Her research fostered a keen interest in the civic life of Norwich, resulting in her second book. Phyllida has an MA in Creative Non-Fiction with Biography from the University of East Anglia.

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