Lucy Maud Montgomery

Canada's Literary Treasure

Stan Sauerwein

Inside the life, writing and death of Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story of how the Anne of Green Gables author became one of Canada's most popular writers.
Date Published :
April 2020
Publisher :
Formac Publishing Ltd.
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ISBN : 9781459505919
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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Against the odds, and battling severe mental and physical health issues, Lucy Maud Montgomery published twenty-three books over a thirty year period. Her stories are still enjoyed around the world and have been immortalized on film, television and stage. The spirited story of orphaned Anne was inspired by the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island and Lucy Maud Montgomery's writing still resonates with readers today.

Updated with the latest research — encompassing the last few years of Lucy Maud Montgomery's life and her death by suicide — and beautifully illustrated in this new edition with 100 photographs, this biography looks beyond the surface at the story of Anne's creator and her often difficult life.

About The Author

STAN SAUERWEIN is a freelance writer and has published articles in a variety of Canadian and U.S. magazines and newspapers. Specializing in business subjects, he has written for both corporations and governments. He is the author of twelve other books, including several Amazing Stories, as well as collections of poetry. Stan lives and writes in Westbank, British Columbia.