The Reign of King Henry VI

Ralph A. Griffiths

An extensive and highly detailed account of the Reign of King Henry VI. Over, 1,000 pages of scholarly research, and described by Dr Colin Richmond as 'Magisterial'.
Date Published :
November 2019
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
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ISBN : 9781781554807
Pages : 1040
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Henry VI is the youngest monarch ever to have ascended the English throne and the only English king to have been acknowledged by the French as rightfully King of France. His reign was the third longest since the Norman conquest and he came close to being declared a saint. This masterly study, unparalleled in its informative detail, examines the entire span of the king's reign, from the death of Henry V in 1422, when Henry was only nine months old, to the period of his insanity at the beginning of the Wars of the Roses, his dethronement in 1461 and his murder ten years later. This classic reassessment of the third Lancastrian king is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of fifteenth-century England. The third edition includes an additional chapter on recent research.

About The Author

R. A. GRIFFITHS is Emeritus Professor of Medieval History at the University of Wales, Swansea. He is an established authority on the later medieval period, and is also the author (with R. S. Thomas) of The Making of the Tudor Dynasty.

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