Remembering Sam

The Life and Times of Sam Galbraith

This book shows the personal and human side of this leading surgeon and public figure, with his friends sharing many funny and touching stories about the early days of his career.
Date Published :
May 2016
Publisher :
Editor :
Graham Teasdale
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8pp color plates
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ISBN : 9781780273389
Pages : 224
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Sam Galbraith, an exceptionally talented young neurosurgeon in Glasgow, was led by strong socialist values to seek a political career. Soon after election to Parliament in 1987 at 42 years old, he devloped a serious lung condition that required him to undergo a lung transplant and left him with limited health. Despite this, he went on to hold Ministerial posts, first in Westminster and then in the new Scottish Parliament. In government he abolished markets in the NHS in Scotland and, by highlighting the relation between deprivation and illness, he was able to achieve his ambition to make a difference to health on a large scale. When Sam died aged 68 he was the longest living survivor of a lung transplant. His story is told by colleagues, friends and family who, with humour and honesty, communicate their admiration and affection for a unique personality.

About The Author

Graham Teasdale, The Editor, Is Emeritus Professor Of Neurosurgery At The University Of Glasgow And Knew Sam Galbraith Well. The 27 Contributors Include Fellow Politicians Such As Alistair Darling And Brian Wilson, Eminent Figures From The World Of Medicine, Such As Harry Burns, David Hamilton And Harpreet Kohli, As Well As Close Friends Like Muriel Gray And Members Of Sam Galbraith's Family.

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