My NHS Summer

Jan McCourt

Date Published :
March 2014
Publisher :
University of Buckingham Press
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ISBN : 9781908684196

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A very personal account of one man's fight for survival and triumph over very adverse odds. It is also a heartfelt tribute to all those people, principally in the National Health Service (UK), who give so much to heal and support. One mid-summer evening in an English hayfield Jan McCourt was crushed beneath his 7-ton tractor. In an instant his life was changed forever. His lower back, hip and pelvis were virtually demolished. Lucky to be airlifted to hospital, luckier still even to be alive, he was later informed by the surgeon that the procedure would be akin to taking a polo mint, stamping on it and then piecing the broken bits back in their original position. The injury also played complete havoc with his digestive system. Enduring long weeks of unimaginable and at times quite terrifying pain, the toll on Jan's body also began to affect his mind.

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