Herinneringe van ’n koerantman in die apartheid-era

Harald Pakendorf

'n Fassinerende, persoonlike terugblik deur 'n "liberale” nuusredakteur tydens die apartheidsjare wat lesers sal boei.
Date Published :
July 2018
Publisher :
Penguin Random House South Africa
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8 pages of photographs
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781776091171
Pages : 280
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Why does an infuriated prime minister phone a newspaper editor just after sunrise at his home? Why does a cabinet minister want to hit a reporter with his fists? And how does an Afrikaans newspaper manage to report in detail on the ANC’s policies in the apartheid years? Harald Pakendorf answers all these questions, and many more, in his recollections of that volatile period in South Africa’s history. The big-wigs of apartheid could not stand this ‘liberal’ editor of Oggendblad (1972–1979) and Die Vaderland (1980–1986). On numerous occasions, Pakendorf had to face the angry outbursts of John Vorster and P.W. Botha. Today’s readers will shake their heads in disbelief over the scenarios that played out during the height of apartheid in the living rooms of political power-players. But Harald Pakendorf was way ahead of the political masters of that time. So far ahead that they removed him from his editor’s post without much ceremony. A fascinating, personal account that will grip the reader.

About The Author

In 1969, at 29, Harald Pakendorf founded a financial newspaper in Zimbabwe. At 32 he founded and edited the Oggendblad in Pretoria, and at 39 Die Vaderland. He contributed to several books on politics and the media. Harald is a sought-after public speaker and was a TV and radio presenter for many years. In 1985 he was a member of the first delegation from South Africa who met for talks with the ANC in Zambia.

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