Gavin Maxwell

Gavin Maxwell

A Life

Douglas Botting

A biography of Gavin Maxwell, one of the most brilliant and quixotic British travel-writers.
Date Published :
December 2017
Publisher :
Eland Publishing
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781780601069
Pages : 608
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Gavin Maxwell (1914-1969), was one of the most brilliant and quixotic of British travel-writers. Maxwell was a romantic, self-destructive adventurer, brave and handsome, with a deep sympathy for the underdog, a wonderfully curious mind, and a dogged commitment to discovering the truth. He was most famous for his trilogy of books set in the coast of Scotland, including A Ring of Bright Water, which showed his affinity with nature and a love of wild things, most especially otters. The author was a trusted friend of Maxwell's as well as a fellow explorer-traveler-writer, and the book reads like a most unusual and eccentric adventure story.

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