Amazing Sailing Stories

True Adventures from the High Seas

Dick Durham

A treasure trove of the most exciting tales of adventure afloat, from journeys voyaging across mountainous seas to cruising within a tropical paradise.
Date Published :
June 2016
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Amazing Stories
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ISBN : 9781909911505
Pages : 272
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Set sail on a thrilling journey to discover some of the most exciting tales of adventure afloat. There’s every sort of vessel from majestic square rigger to humble homemade yacht. Journey around gale-whipped headlands and survive mountainous seas – or turn the page to discover the delights of cruising among the islands of a tropical paradise. The exploits of sailing’s greatest names are recounted, along with an eclectic mix of tales that never made the headlines, yet make compelling reading. Discover a treasure trove of sailing stories from across centuries, and from the four corners of the globe. This is wonderful reading for anyone with a love of sailing and the sea.

About The Author

In his childhood Dick Durham explored the creeks and rivers of Essex, Kent and Suffolk in a collection of dinghies and dayboats. When he left school he signed on as mate of the Thames sailing barge Cambria, and served on the last working Thames barge before beginning his writing career on Fleet Street, writing for national newspapers and sailing magazines. He joined Yachting Monthly in 1998 as a feature writer and news editor and has travelled the globe in search of the best sailing stories and adventures. He is well known for his powerful and poetic writing style.


Part One – Survival: Voyage of Desperation

Three Months Adrift in a Rubber Dinghy

The True Story of Moby Dick

Psychopaths in the Fo’c’sle

Once is More Than Enough

The Greatest Sea Voyage of All Time?

Decoy Ship

Death Did Not Deter Her

Bligh: A Flawed Real Life ‘Master and Commander’

Drifting Alone Across the Ocean in a Punctured Life-Raft

Part Two – Calm: A Ship Swallowed by a Cave

Orchestra from Hell

Death at the Helm

Sunk by a Leviathan in Thick Fog

The Silent Creeks

Part Three – Storm: Fastnet 79: The Killer Storm

A Chop-Stick Fortune in the South Seas

Fatal Delivery Trip

Anchoring a Tall Ship in a Puddle

Three Times Capsized Sailing Round Antarctica

Part Four – Human Error: UK Border Patrol of Yesteryear

Man Overboard in the Middle of the Pacific

Pilot Error Causes Shipwreck and Death

Family Day-Trip Becomes Rescue at Sea

The Curse of Ill-Gotten Gains

Sailing to the Wrong Hemisphere

Hanging by a Thread from a Shipwreck

Part Five – Adventure: A Real Life Monster of the Deep

Treasure Island

No Way Back: By Raft Across the Pacific

The Queen’s Pirate

Shoal Waters Run Deep

From Honeymoon to Shipwreck

A Bitter-Sweet Taste of the Racing Life

Dayboat Capsize, Gales and Dismasting

Record of Records

Part Six – Tragedy: The Last Tragic Voyage of Francis Chichester

Sailing into Madness

After the Wave

The Mysterious Voyage of the Mary Celeste

The Mysterious Voyage of John Franklin

The Raft of the Medusa

The Riddle of Erskine Childers

Part Seven – Rescue: Frozen to the Rigging

Good Samaritan of the Southern Ocean

Mystery Fire at Sea

Sea Dark, Sky Crying

The Four Rescues of a Solo Atlantic Yachtsman

Part Eight – Deliverance

The Exploding Whale

Downhill Racer

The First Man to Sail Round the World Alone

Not Quite the Fastest Ship

The First Man to Sail Round the World Non-Stop and Alone

Deliverance Trip

The Ship that Sailed Herself

Round the World in 1000 Breakages

DIY Ocean Racer

The Dead Lay in Her Wake

The Terror of a Lee-Shore

The Smallest Boat to Sail Round the World



"Some of the greatest sailing yarns retold in gripping style."

- Classic Boat

"It's a bit of a rollicking read!"

- Classic Sailor

"Dick Durham has bought together a collection of some of the most exceptional sailing stories - both ancient and modern."

- South West Boating

"Combines a love of good writing with a taste of seafaring adventure."

- Your Boat Life

"A good, diverse, collection of sea stories."

- Yachting Monthly

"Captivating and an absorbing read."

- Little Ship Club

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