Ultimate Fishing Adventures

100 Extraordinary Fishing Experiences From Around the World

Henry Gilbey

Explore and discover the 100 most exceptional fishing adventures from around the globe with spectacular colour photography.
Date Published :
September 2012
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Ultimate Adventures
Illustration :
100 Halftones, color
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ISBN : 9781119962663
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 10 X 7.75 inches
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This book takes you on a remarkable journey visiting 100 destinations from Alaska to New Zealand. Fly, lure and bait fishing in rivers, oceans and lakes, from deftly dropping a fly in front of a hungry trout to shaking with fear at a rampaging giant trevally, this book covers it all.
Remarkable full-page images accompany each of the fishing adventures in this stunning coffee-table book. Written to inspire, excite and inform, there is plenty of information on the locations, the fish and how to catch them. Go on a voyage of discovery from secret African rivers to idyllic tropical islands, fight with monsters of the deep in Australia, get set for superb sport in the USA, or discover fishing delights in and around Britain and Europe.
Anglers of all sorts will treasure this inspirational collection of the world’s most exceptional fishing adventures.

About The Author

Henry Gilbey works full time in the sport of fishing, as writer, photographer, TV presenter and consultant. Henry’s work takes him all over the world on the hunt for the best and most far out fishing to photograph. He writes and photographs for numerous magazines, companies and other publications, including The Field, Sea Angler, Trout Fisherman, Trout and Salmon and The Times. Henry has also presented several series of fishing programmes for the Discovery Channel - Fishing with Henry, Fishing on the Edge, Wild Fishing and Wild Fishing 2. Working as staff photographer for the international fly fishing travel company Aardvark McLeod, Henry is able to photograph and witness some of the best fishing there is on this earth.


"It inspires and excites - but there's plenty of info on fish and tactics."

- Anglers Mall

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