Ireland: One Island, No Borders

Date Published :
August 2014
Publisher :
George F Thompson Publishing
Contributor(s) :
Gerry Adams, Elizabeth Billups
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781938086144

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Ireland is a place of mystical, enduring appeal, especially for the many millions of Americans who claim its special heritage, more than one in six according to the last U.S. Census. But Ireland has also become an international place of pilgrimage and discovery for all who venture there.

This unique collaboration between Elizabeth Billups, a Santa-Fe-based photographer and activist, and Gerry Adams, the renowned leader of Sinn Fein, reveals a side of Ireland―and of Gerry Adams―not often portrayed in the guidebooks or magazines or news media. In this special book, the two kindred spirits wander the country together and share a deep love of the land and its people, with Ms. Billups taking gorgeous photographs and sharing her experiences and Mr. Adams contributing additional stories, tales, and facts about his country and his family's history.

While Mr. Adams has written many acclaimed books concerning his political vision for Ireland, until now he has refrained from sharing his affection for his native land. And so, with Ms. Billups, we are able travel to his and her favorite places, the places that, to them, bespeak of Ireland as one island without borders.

Looking at Ms. Billups's beautiful and captivating photographs—and reading her text and Mr. Adams's family stories, personal anecdotes, and relevant historical details, legends, and myths—we come to understand why Ireland is such a special place and why he fought so long and hard to achieve peace for the many generations to come.

** Nominated for a 2015 IPPY Award" from the Independent Publishers Association **

About The Author

Gerry Adams has been President of Sinn Fein, the fastest-growing political party in Ireland, north and south, since 1983. He has also served as a member of Parliament for West Belfast from 1983 to 1992 and 1997 to 2011. Since 2011 he has represented Louth in the Irish Parliament (the Dáil) in Dublin. Heralded as "a gifted writer" by The New York Times, Mr. Adams is the author of a work of fiction,The Street and Other Stories (Brandon Books, 1993), and several works of nonfiction, including the noteworthy A Farther Shore: Ireland's Long Road to Peace(Random House, 2003). Mr. Adams lives in Belfast and visits President Obama every St. Patrick's Day.

ELIZABETH BILLUPS is an author, photographer, philanthropist, and activist from Santa Fe who has worked with the American Indian Movement and the International Indian Treaty Council, among others. In her work with John Trudell of AIM, she managed his organization, “The Peace Company,” and assisted him in the production of his poetry spoken over the music of the legendary guitarist Jesse Ed Davis. The result, “Aka Graffitti Man,” was hailed by Bob Dylan in Rolling Stone as 1987’s best album of the year. She is currently on Nuclear Watch New Mexico's steering committee and Alliance for the Earth's Guiding Council. She is co-founder of Apsara Global Arts, a company that supports Artists and weavers in Cambodia and Laos. Her photography has been exhibited in both the U.S. and Ireland.


Ireland: One Island, No Borders is a beautiful collection of 150 photographs of Ireland. A unique collaboration between Irish-American photographer Elizabeth Billups and the Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, it reveals the Ireland not always seen in guidebooks, as well as a side of Adams not usually captured by the media.

- Talkofthetowndundalk, blog

With a beautiful map at the beginning of the book, Elizabeth Billups, a renowned photographer, and Gerry Adams, an archivist who loves Ireland, have teamed up to take us on a thrilling trip through the famous and mysterious Green Island. The book is divided into chapters guiding us through each city and section with lovely photos and descriptive and insightful text. If you have ever been to Ireland, you will want this for your coffee table to show friends. If you live in Ireland, you will learn all about the land you love. No one visits Ireland without being infected by its mystery and magic, and this book tells you why.

- Bonnie Neely, owner of Real Travel Adventures and book reviewer for Amazon

Breathtakingly beautiful photography throughout truly enhances an deftly written, informed and informative text. The result is an armchair traveler's delight―and one that will make an enduringly popular and highly recommended addition to personal and community library collections.

- John Taylor, Midwest Book Review

Ireland: One Island, No Borders presents the country as seen through the eyes of one of its most famous and passionate sons, and an equally passionate American of Irish ancestry.

- Irish Edition

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