Films To Go

100 Memorable Movies for Travelers

Jay Boyar

Date Published :
February 2007
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Travels
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ISBN : 9781933102306
Pages : 224
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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Want to "see" a city before you travel there? Want to reminisce about your favorite stops on your last vacation? If you said yes to either question then this is the book for you! Film critic and travel writer Jay Boyar offers 100 of his all-time favorite films to inform and entertain you, or spark memories of your travels. For each of these great movies, read a synopsis highlighting its major features and why it is useful for travelers, as well as its MPAA rating, year of release, category (comedy, action-adventure, etc.), main actors, major awards, pithy quotes, and a list of other similar films. Thanks to laptops and portable DVD players, movies are no longer restricted to just being watched at home. Whether you are relaxing at home, preparing for a trip, traveling by car with kids who may need entertaining on the road, sitting on a plane flying to your destination, or relaxing in a hotel room--you can enjoy a great movie.


...superbly companionable anthology, as healthy, jolly and useful as you'd expect from Boyar's journalism. The categories and selections brim with wit.

- The Baltimore Sun

Films to Go…A new book combines the romance of travel with the allure of the movies.

- Orlando Magazine, March 2007

Watch the Movie, Then Take the Trip: Here's a fun way to prepare for a trip: watch a movie about the place.. A new book called "Films to Go: 100 Memorable Movies for Travelers & Others," by Jay Boyar, lists movies for destinations ranging from New York ("Manhattan") to Los Angeles ("L.A. Story") to Las Vegas ("Lost in America"). Heading south? Try "Nashville." West? "High Noon." To Japan? "Lost in Translation.” The book includes ratings, reviews and descriptions of each movie and also lists film suggestions to put you in the mood for romantic getaways, travel with friends, and air travel.

- Yahoo News, April 2007

The best part about Films to Go. . . is that it's set up by genre and place of interest. So if you're headed out the door to, say, Ireland, the book points you toward the movie, The Snapper, and if you are traveling to Sweden, author Jay Boyar says to check out "Smiles of a Summer Night. . . . Boyar, a Pulitzer-nominated film critic, makes a point in the intro of claiming that he lists only ‘great - or at least very good' films.

- Denver Post, April 2007

I love this book as it covers lots of different travel categories - like movies for Romantic Getaways (think Casablanca) Business Trips (Apollo 13) and than Family Travel (watch Back to the Future with the kids) - there's also sections on movies at different US locations like Vegas, Chicago and LA. . . Here's one nifty, very clever, totally unique book for your travels.

- John Clayton's Travel with a Difference, KNX 1070, April 2007

Movies for the road …Film critic and travel writer Boyar offers 100 classic and new movies to watch on your portable DVD player, laptop or cell phone, when you want to stoke up your anticipation and education for your next visit to New York, L.A., Rome or Paris.

- South Florida Sun-Sentinel, April 2007

COOL SUMMER READS...A book about the movies? Orlando film historian Jay Boyar has written Films to Go, a fun, intelligent guide to wonderful movies and their settings. It tells you which movies to watch before your journey so you can soak up your destination's local color at home...This concise and handy little book will give you a taste of where you're going, whether it's New York, the Caribbean...or Oz.

- Orlando Leisure, July 2007

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