The Ship that Rocked the World

How Radio Caroline Defied the Establishment, Launched the British Invasion, and Made the Planet Safe for Rock and Roll

Tom Lodge

Story of Radio Caroline and pirate radio
Date Published :
August 2010
Publisher :
Bartleby Press
Contributor(s) :
Steven van Zandt
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ISBN : 9780910155823
Pages : 258
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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Did you ever wonder why so much fantastic music started coming out of Britain in the 60s? Pirates did it. That's right, Pirates. The story of how they did it seems unbelievable, but it really happened, and it completely altered the course of rock and roll. Talent alone was not enough to break through the rigid broadcasting system that filtered anything it deemed 'unsafe'. Only bands approved by the BBC, which controlled radio across Britain, could get air time. That is, until 'pirate radio' was born. This book tells of Radio Caroline, and how a band of pirates changed the world of music forever. Written by Tom Lodge, main DJ of Radio Caroline, with Foreword by Steven Van Zandt, this is the true inside story of the British Invasion.

About The Author

Tom Lodge was the son of the writer Oliver W F Lodge and his artist wife Diana, and a grandson of the physicist Sir Oliver Lodge. After a career in radio and recording arts, he became known as the Zen master Umi. He died in 2012

Steven Van Zandt was a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. He joined the cast of the HBO TV series The Sopranos in 1999. At the same time, he rejoined and toured with Bruce Springsteen’s band. In 2007, Van Zandt founded the non-profit Rock and Roll Forever Foundation.

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