Pocket Guide to Musicals

Kieran Hughes

Date Published :
April 2009
Publisher :
Remember When
Contributor(s) :
Richard Jordan
Illustration :
40 b/w illustrations
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ISBN : 9781844680399
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 9 X 5 inches
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Everything you need to know about musical theater in one handy guide by leading expert Maureen Hughes who has herself created 8 musicals and teaches musical theater. The Pocket Guide to Musicals covers everything from the composers and lyricists to a comprehensive A-Z listing of musicals from around the world. Accessibility is a key selling point with fact boxes highlighting key or curious facts about the subject.

The Pocket Guide to Musicals is compulsory reading for anyone studying musical theater and its size makes it a perfect gift for anyone intending to go to the theater at or who wants to discover as much about the topic as possible – in a handy, pocket-sized guide.

About The Author

Kieran, son of Maureen, was born in Liverpool, spent his childhood in Shrewsbury, then spent the first part of his life in London, as a journalist and newsreader on BBC and commercial radio. By his late thirties he had started university to study for two degrees and teacher training. His Mum had persuaded him that he would make a good teacher! Kieran now teaches history full-time at a school in High Wycombe. He has four sons, seven grandchildren and lives with his wife Bridget near the town centre.

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