Agnetha Fältskog—The Girl With The Golden Hair

Daniel Ward

The incredible story of one of the most successful and enigmatic performers in the last fifty years of popular music, and her life with ABBA.
Date Published :
May 2016
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
Color and B&W
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ISBN : 9781781555217
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Her iconic blonde looks, stunning voice and songs of loneliness and melancholy have endeared her to millions, yet Agnetha Fältskog remains an enigmatic and distant figure. From her success as a teenage singer and songwriter in Sweden in the late 1960’s to her years of global superstardom with pop giants ABBA and beyond, Agnetha has fascinated generations of fans. Her beaming smile graced record sleeves, television screens and magazine covers around the world yet never quite managed to conceal her natural shyness and vulnerability.

Agnetha Fältskog—The Girl With The Golden Hair is the first full-length biography dedicated to the life and career of the one of the most beloved and successful performers in music history. Charting Agnetha’s journey from her early days fronting a local dance band in the small industrial city of Jönköping, through her decade as one of the most famous and popular singers in the world, and the years of self-imposed exile that followed until her surprising and successful comeback in 2013, ‘Agnetha Fältskog—The Girl With The Golden Hair’ will delight her many legions of fans and any readers with an interest in the history of popular music.

About The Author

Daniel Ward was born and raised in the south-east of England. The music of the 1970’s and 1980’s has provided the soundtrack to his life and he has had a passion for creative writing since childhood. Daniel’s previous works include such diverse genres as crime fiction, quiz books, and articles and biographies for medical publications. He lives in Essex.

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