Raquel Natalicchio

Spray For Peace

Raquel Natalicchio

This book is not only about the incredible street art that makes LA a vibrant city, but also about the artists who live and breathe graffiti.
Date Published :
June 2019
Publisher :
Artvoices Art Books
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My journey began when I was assigned to write an article on graffiti in Los Angeles and found that the more artists I met and conversations we had the more I realized the story wasn't only about what they paint but why they paint. The common thread throughout every conversation seemed to be about inspiring the next generation of young artists to be dedicated to their art and to take action by speaking for their community. It was this notion that inspired me to tell their stories in hopes to spread their message and shine a new light on how graffiti can be an ally for our society.

About The Author

Raquel "Rocky" Natalicchio is an international photo journalist who is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Having been raised as a traveler, both living and traveling in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Puerto Rico, London, and Germany, her style, personality, and ability to climb anything in her path have put her in the forefront of street and urban photography.