Picasso's Revenge

Ray Foulk, Caroline Faulk

A collector buys the world's most powerful painting, which has haunting connections to a past tragedy in his life. Through great personal turmoil he searches for answers, ultimately leading to why the artist created this one painting which is modern arts incredible genesis.
Date Published :
February 2020
Publisher :
Medina Publishing
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781911487340
Pages : 396
Dimensions : 9.1 X 5.9 inches
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In the early 1920’s, immaculate gentleman, Jacques Doucet descends into the world of anarchist art, the occult and the dark turmoil of his past – involving the death of his beloved Madame R.

A disastrous journey leads the couturier and patron of the arts to confront the celebrated bohemians of the city, including Max Jacob, André Breton and Pablo Picasso. When troubled Doucet acquires the world’s most dangerous painting, it causes him to hack at the root of Picasso’s darkest secrets. Doucet showcases a fabulous art collection with such frenzied energy he destroys himself. Unwittingly in the process he discovers modern art’s incredible genesis.

About The Author

Ray Foulk is a renowned curator and author on French Art Deco masters and twentieth century decorative art, and has also written on the 1960s counterculture and rock festivals. He is also an award winning environmental architect, Ray lives and works in Oxford, near his four grown up children and grandchildren.

Caroline Foulk is a playwright and teacher and has worked in partnership with her father Ray, researching, writing, and co-promoting many exciting projects in art, environment and architecture. Together they completed a screenplay for the cinema about the invention of modern art – the subject of the present title. Caroline, mother of three, lives in Oxford with her partner and daughter.

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