Egon Zippel 1987 - 2017

Egon Zippel

Zipple rebels against stereotypical art-making practices and finds that investigating opposing ideas brings forth vitality. "It's important to keep things within a certain region or certain realm but not a specific overly planned kind of approach”, Zipple says. "Sometimes I just grab everything on the floor and put together my work in a kind of ran
Date Published :
June 2019
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Artvoices Art Books
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“When you live in New York it’s unavoidable to see things like graffiti and graffiti stickers,” Zipple says. I noticed his collections of objects and stickers found around New York’s walls and streets. Zipple’s habit of collecting street culture reminded me of artist Dieter Roth. “I keep lots of notebooks of things I see and I apply this research to my work, it’s ever-evolving,” Zipple states. He keeps hundreds of pages of ballpoint pen drawings on small format paper, with text scrawled upon them. “I’m painting logos and I work with them on computers and manipulate them in different ways,” he announced.

About The Author

Egon Zippel was born in Timișoara, Romania, in 1960 to German parents. When Nicolae Ceaușescu rose to power in 1964, the Zippels presciently left for the Mannheim-Heidelberg region, Germany, to begin life anew.After being a drill sergeant in the German Bundeswehr 1979-1981, Egon studied graphic design at the University of Mannheim, and received a Fulbright Scholarship comprising an introductory month at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and the academic year of 1984-85 at the University of Texas in Austin. Over the next few years, he studied computer graphics at the New York Institute of Technology, and continued with postgraduate studies at the Institute for New Media at the Staedel Art Academy in Frankfurt 1993-1994 under Peter Weibel.During the early '90s Egon also lived part-time in Milan, Italy, until eventually settling again in New York City in 1996. Currently he maintains studios in New York and Berlin.Egon believes in predetermination as well as free will and everything in-between. Wrestling with these contradictions makes life playful and infinitely more complex.