Coalescing Geometries

Lorien Suárez Kanerva

Lorien Suárez's Kanerva art with infinite iterations of vibrant geometric configurations, reveal nature's energetic synergy and portrays the metaphysics of the cosmos.
Date Published :
June 2019
Publisher :
Artvoices Art Books
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Lorien Suárez Kanerva reveals worlds within worlds in her art.  She proposes vibrant geometric configurations with infinite iterations. Her approach is both graphic and painterly: rhythmic lines are entwined with luxuriant hues to consolidate a compelling visual execution in which reference to the real is unnecessary.  The subtleties of her artworks divulge the secrets of the universe with the simple language all beings understand: color, shape and line. Viewers can feel the energy that permeates the natural world, everything that connects living beings. The artist names the unnamable, and visually suggests the invisible routes of the metaphysics of the cosmos.

About The Author

As a geometric abstract artist, I explore the dynamic interplay of color, light, and natural forms. Multiple design layers with elaborate patterns, depth, and a strong sense of movement culminate in a vibrant composition. My work draws from a practice of joyful discovery and creative contemplation. Through the process of discovery, creativity engenders the energy as passion from which art emerges. When at work on art, I am fully engaged and aware of the creative dynamism and joy (art-work-awareness) of life. My artwork has been exhibited in curated shows in museums, galleries, art expos and fairs, cultural and educational centers. Amongst these institutions, I would mention the Curator’s Voice Art Projects in Miami, Florida, Artists 101 and the Makeshift Museum in Los Angeles, California, SCOPE at Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami, the Venetian Biennale, Florida Atlantic University and Boca Raton Museum of Art, SDAI, Riverside Art Museum, Palm Springs Art Museum, Oceanside Museum of Art, La Sierra University – Brandstater Gallery, Millard Sheets Gallery and UC Berkeley’s Engineering Department Lounge.I have a BA High Honors in History from UC Berkeley. My graduate work was in Europe. At the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium, I received an MA (Cum Laude). In Spain, I did extensive graduate work in History at the Universidad de Salamanca and in Business at ESADE in Barcelona. This multinational background and diverse academic pursuits instilled in me an interdisciplinary mindset, the inspiration and the tools that have come to define my artistic style and career.