60 Americans 2

Terrence Sanders

"I'm not interested in artists who have a name or on the fast track to become rich and famous. I'm a curator driven by substance, passion and vision not superficiality, fame and fortune. How many 'curators' can make that claim? Most of you are art fashionsitas and or groupies who ignore 'real' work for derivative, gimmick and trend. If you are not
Date Published :
June 2019
Publisher :
Artvoices Art Books
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’60 Americans’ is a response to the ill-gotten gains of flipper based collectors, money corrupted and trend obsessed gallerists, shopping mall (puppy mill/factory) inspired art fairs, nepotism and favoritism of the made men and women of fast track MFA programs in America. The 2nd annual 60 Americans exhibition/catalog offers an alternative perspective on what’s arguably relevant and important in the current landscape of American contemporary art.

About The Author

Terrence Sanders has contributed to the landscape of contemporary art as a poet, filmmaker, artist, photographer, gallerist, curator, musician, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoices Magazine. Sanders mission as Editor-In-Chief of Artvoices Magazine (Established 2008) is to create a platform for emerging, neglected and under recognized artists who create important and relevant works of art arguably. Sanders, is the father of noted artist Lucien Smith. In the past 25 years Sanders has created 33 bodies of work featured in exhibits worldwide. Sanders modus operandi is rooted in social activism. In New Orleans he created a memorial featuring the 1,800 plus names engraved in gold leaf on granite on the façade of the ‘Saratoga Building’ in New Orleans dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The memorial's a welcoming gesture of forgiveness and unity for the city New Orleans. He produced and directed the documentaries New Orleans Contemporary Art: Post Katrina and Spare Change, which focused on the Homeless epidemic in Los Angeles. Sanders also created the art web series 'Real Art....Real Talk w/ host Clayton Campbell. Sanders opened 4 contemporary art galleries over the past 11 years. Terrence Sanders Gallery (New Orleans), Untitled Art Projects (Los Angeles) and Sanders, Smith & Stokes (New Orleans) and his current space Artists 101 in Los Angeles. Sanders exhibited the works of emerging artists for over 11 years. Sanders curated over 50 exhibitions including ’60 Americans’ ‘We Got Next’ and the ‘Saratoga Collection’. Sanders exhibited more than 100 visual artists without representation at art fairs in Europe and the United States. Sanders is the publisher of Artvoices Art Books with upcoming releases of the books ‘60 Americans’, ‘101 Contemporary Artists’ and ‘Pieces of a Man’ by noted photographer Jamel Shabazz. Sanders, a published poet has hosted monthly poetry readings in New Orleans for great poets such as Sunni Patterson and Asia Rainey to name a few. Sanders’ is the Director & Curator of the ‘Platform Art Fair & Film Festival’ launching in New York City during Armory Week 2017.