How to Read Scottish Buildings

Daniel MacCannell

The perfect companion for lovers of Scottish architecture.
Date Published :
June 2015
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b/w illustrations and photographs throughout
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781780271187
Pages : 208
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Scotland has a huge and diverse amount of built heritage. Yet most writing about this fascinating subject is overly technical - an alphabet soup of L-plans, Z-plans and bartizans. How to Read Scottish Buildings is a unique, informative and refreshing companion to Scottish architecture that dispenses with jargon to enable us to appreciate Scottish buildings with regard to their ages, styles, influences, and functions, as well as the messages that their builders, owners and occupants intended them to convey. Readers will be able to answer for themselves a whole host of questions about function, style, age and building techniques that will make a visit to any historic Scottish building a rewarding and enriching experience.

About The Author

Daniel MacCannell lives in East Lothian, where he runs the Historical Detective Agency Ltd. He has studied Scottish, English, Dutch and French buildings, landscapes and townscapes for more than twenty years, and was awarded a Ph.D. in History and Art History by the University of Aberdeen in 2010. He is the great-grandson of Canadian-American landscape architect Earle Edgerly MacCannell. This is his fifth book for Birlinn.


"This is a practical book well worth looking at by anyone interested in Scottish architecture and the everyday buildings in which our ancestors lived. Users will come away with better understanding of how designs changed over time."

-, January 2019

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