Soul of the Maine House

For Those Seeking a Spiritual Home in America: A Radical Religious Reflection

Bradford Miller

The author writes about building his house in the deep woods of Maine, of how that experience took him on a journey of spiritual awareness of himself and of the Native Americans who once inhabited that region.
Date Published :
September 2014
Publisher :
Educator's International Press
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781891928475

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Miller draws the reader into a hands-on spiritual odyssey marking his own spiritual development, backward and forward, a way in to his psychic habitation, and to rehabilitation as it were, as an American who once suffered the sin of forgetfulness but now remembers as best he can. He refers to the injustices committed against American Indians, and his personal quest has been to return to the scene of the crime in Maine at least, and to acknowledge that hurt in the history of our national soul. He writes especially for those who seek a true place to live upon the coast of the human heart. The author describes his experience of building a house in the deep woods of Maine, and journey of constructing not only his home, but his identity and spirituality.

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