Small Business Management

Sophie Reboud, Tim Mazzarol

Date Published :
September 2017
Publisher :
Tilde Publishing and Distribution
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ISBN : 9780734612243


For students interested in establishing and managing their own small firm, this book should help them to focus their thinking on the realities of life as a small business owner-manager - both its challenges and its rewards. For postgraduate students that are keen to ‘make a difference', this text should enable them to understand how they might consult to small firms and assist owner-managers to establish and grow their ventures. In addition to students enrolled at universities and colleges, this book should also prove useful to small business owner-managers as a general guide on how they might better manage their operations. Managers in large corporations and financial institutions who deal with small businesses as clients or suppliers, and professionals such as accountants, lawyers and consultants who provide advice and other services to small businesses will also find the book of interest. The text also has relevance to the general reader interested in the significant contribution that the small business sector plays in the national economy of Australia and many other countries around the world. Contents: Chapter 1 - The role of the small business in the economy and government policy, Chapter 2 - Entrepreneurs versus owner-managers - theories of new venture creation, Chapter 3 - Surviving the early years - screening the business opportunity, Chapter 4 - The process of planning and strategy in the small firm, Chapter 5 - Creating customers, Chapter 6 - Financing the small firm: Part 1 - Debt versus equity, Chapter 7 - Financing the small firm: Part 2 - Cash flows, credit and working capital, Chapter 8 - The process of growth in the small firm, Chapter 9 - Small firms and human resources - coaching and building teams, Chapter 10 - Franchising - An alternative to going solo? & legal issues facing small business, Chapter 11 - Small firms and family business, Chapter 12 - The owner-manager and the troubled company, Chapter 13 - Buying, selling and valuing the business

About The Author

Tim Mazzarol is Winthrop Professor in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing and Strategy at the University of Western Australia and an Affiliate Professor with the Burgundy School of Business Groupe ESC Dijon.

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