SFV - Societe Francaise de Vierzen

1950-1963, The Golden Age

Christian Anxe

Date Published :
April 2009
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
Illustration :
full color throughout
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ISBN : 9782352501084
Pages : 188
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The beginning of the fifties was a really golden age for the Société Française de Matériel Agricole et Industriel de Vierzon’s. This venerable French company was present everywhere in the rural world with its threshers but especially with its farming tractors, the famous “Vierzons”. The company did not miss any opportunity to remind people that its products were 100% French.

Year in year out, farming techniques developed faster and faster and after a prosperous period, the Société Française encountered serious difficulties, both financially and technologically, and alone could no longer face up to the rural world’s new demands. This led to SFV’s association with Case: after losing its century-old brand image, the young SFV ended up by vanishing.

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