Pointers to Eternity

Pointers to Eternity

Dewi Rees

Dewi Rees, a medical doctor, considers evidence for belief in life after death with accounts from Anglican bishops, accounts of meetings with Jesus, and people's experiences with recently lost loved ones.
Date Published :
December 2010
Publisher :
Y Lolfa
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781847711991
Pages : 236
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Pointers to Eternity deals with belief in the afterlife, a concept engrained in the psyches of peoples everywhere. It is written from a Christian perspective but incorporates the beliefs of other faiths, in particular the Islamic assertion that Jesus did not die on the cross. Dewi Rees considers evidence for belief in life after death from his perspective as a medical doctor. First he presents the opinions of sixty-seven retired Anglican bishops on the Resurrection and their experiences of the presence of Jesus. The second approach provides accounts of Christic visions: people's recent meetings with Jesus, including instances where the percipients were convinced that they had seen Jesus in his human form. Thirdly, he reviews recent research on people's experiences of their dead spouses, and considers its relevance to an understanding of belief in the afterlife and Christian teaching on the Resurrection.

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