Packrafting: A Beginner’s Guide

Buying, Learning & Exploring

Chris Scott

A perfect introduction to packrafting, describing the different types of rafts before showing you the on-the-water skills and knowledge you'll need to enjoy packrafting safely. It introduces the different types of adventures you can undertake with your packraft, from paddling a local canal or river to exploring remote waterways and inshore coasts.
Date Published :
August 2022
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
Series :
Beginner's Guides
Illustration :
130 Halftones, color
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781912621415
Pages : 48
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.75 inches
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Packrafts are rugged, portable rafts, small enough to attach under a rucksack, but stable on the water to reassure first time paddlers. Weighing from 1-3 kilos, they open up a whole new world of amphibious adventuring, from navigating easily accessible waterways to discovering more challenging rivers and lochs only reachable on foot or bicycle.
Packrafting: A Beginners’ Guide is a perfect introduction to the game-changing recreational opportunities opened up by packrafting. It takes you through the different types and features of packrafts to ensure that you buy a boat that is right for you and have the right gear to use with it. It clearly explains the basic paddling skills and how to safely evaluate risks on the water. It also introduces the different types of adventures you can undertake with your packraft, from paddling a local canal or river to lashing a bicycle over the bow or using a packable sail to traverse open water.
The book is comprehensively illustrated with over 120 colour photographs making it easy to understand and clear to follow.

About The Author

Chris Scott is a travel adventurer and writer. His Adventure Motorcycling Handbook is now in its 8th edition. He has written various Overland books for Trailblazer Guides and co-authored several editions of the Rough Guide to Australia. He discovered inflatable kayaks in 2005 when rafting Idaho’s Salmon River and has since done many IK expeditions and developed the leading IK website



About Packrafts

On the Water: The Basics

Inflation Valves & Pumps

Packrafting Gear

Outfitting & Load Carrying

Packraft Care & Repair

On the Trail: Basic Gear

Safety & Weather


Packraft Sailing

Packrafting at Sea

Packrafting Adventures.

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