Miss Demeanor

The Case of the Long Blonde Hair

Celia J.

There's a new crime fighter in town. She's smart. She's fearless. She's thirteen-years-old and determined to be the world's greatest detective.
Date Published :
August 2021
Publisher :
Histria Books
Contributor(s) :
Ed N. White
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781592111060
Pages : 120
Dimensions : 8 X 5 inches
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There’s a new crime fighter in town. She’s smart. She’s fearless. She’s thirteen-years-old and determined to be the world’s greatest detective. Enter the brave world of Celia J., as she uses the skills learned at a CSI summer camp program to investigate an attempt to defraud her father.

Following the tragic loss of her mother, Celia’s father enrolls her in the classes to ease her grief and to keep her in a safe environment. Celia excels at the investigative lessons earning her the respect of both her classmates and Detective Lieutenant Beth. Celia sees Beth as her new heroine and, hopefully, a suitable companion for her father.

But, a devious woman with long blonde hair already has her sights on Celia’s dad —especially his money. Aided by her accomplice, a scary tattooed man, the woman proposes a phony investment scheme. When Celia suspects something is wrong and launches her investigation and surveillance, she is trapped in a dangerous predicament far from home and help.

Miss Demeanor is an exciting character-driven middle-grade mystery, filled with a compelling cast of heroes and villains, a clever plot, crime scene investigative tools, suspense, humor, and a heart-warming backstory. A page-turner for both young and adult. It draws the reader deep into the narrative as though it took place in their hometown; much like Alan Bradley’s juvenile sleuth, Flavia de Luce involves her English village.

Created by Ed N. White, Miss Demeanor offers young readers a character they can identify with and enjoy. Celia J. is not without a few minor flaws, which enhances her appeal as a real person. The crime scene investigative techniques are detailed at a level of understanding for the middle-grade reader. Life lessons are learned. The emotions of the grieving father and daughter are shared, and the backstory of Celia’s dad and Detective Beth offers hope.

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