Lies of the Land

Chris Dolan

Prosecutor Maddy Shannon returns in a race against time against the measured malevolence of an unknown killer. The case grows increasingly unmanageable as the suspects pile up and finally topple.
Date Published :
December 2016
Publisher :
Vagabond Voices
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781908251688
Pages : 288
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Prosecutor Maddy Shannon awakens in her West End Glasgow flat to a hangover and several mysteries, starting with who is the strange man in her bed? Shortly after discovering the man's identity, Maddy learns that his boss, a successful defense lawyer, has met a gruesome end in his posh Merchant City office. With a bad reputation for getting too close to her cases, Maddy tries to stand back from this one. But as the murders continue, and Maddy herself receives a disturbing message, she realizes too close is unavoidable, and winds up in a race against the measured malevolence of an unknown killer. "Glasgow is as much a character--and as contradictory a mix of light and dark--as Dolan's very human heroine in this complex sequel."--Kirkus Reviews "A consistently compelling novel of suspense from beginning to end."--Midwest Book Review "A sharply drawn heroine, brutal violence with a shot of dark humor - this is classic Tartan noir."--Publishers Weekly

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