Karoo Fossils

South Africa's first land animals

Dr Michael Cluver

The Karoo fossil record tells us much about the many animals that lived in what is now South Africa and include astonishingly detailed information on the origin of mammals, the early appearance of dinosaurs and the ancestors of living reptiles such as crocodiles.
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December 2021
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Protea Boekhuis
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color throughout
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The Karoo rocks have preserved fossil remains for millions of years. This palaeontological treasure trove tells us more about the first mammals, early dinosaurs, and the ancestors of living reptiles such as crocodiles that roamed our country ages ago. New discoveries explain the impact that climate and environmental changes had on these primitive animals, and recent geological research reveals why fossils much like those of the Karoo have been found in India, China and even Antarctica.

About The Author

Dr Michael Cluver concentrated his research on the dicynodont Lystrosaurus, one of the few Karoo therapsids to survive the end-Permian extinction event. He was Director of the South African Museum and after his retirement in 2007, he continued to work at the Iziko Museum of South Africa.

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