Iceland Wintertide

A unique rendering of Iceland in winter by a renowned photographer and writer.
Date Published :
October 2021
Publisher :
George F Thompson Publishing
Contributor(s) :
David Freese, Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir
Illustration :
57 color photographs
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781938086830
Pages : 88
Dimensions : 8.9 X 8 inches
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A unique rendering of Iceland in winter by a renowned award-winning photographer and writer, who examines Iceland in the context of climate change and how this has severely affected the country's iconic landscapes and way of life.

When winter snows cover Iceland in a sea of white, this volcanic island is transformed into an enchanting visual masterpiece. Ironically, the white blanket reveals even more clearly the landscape’s incredible geological formations, ever-changing atmospheric conditions, and remote human settlements, eliciting a natural human response of wonderment to a country that rests precariously on two tectonic plates in the North Atlantic Ocean just below the Arctic Circle.

A small jewel of a book, Iceland Wintertide is a powerful coda to photographer David Freese’s Trilogy of North American Waters as the threats and ramifications of a warming climate steadily increase worldwide but noticeably in Iceland. By showing us what humankind is on the brink of losing as seen in this unique and special place, his images inspire awareness and even action in the face of those who deny climate change only to protect their special interests.

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, the renowned novelist, poet, and playwright from Iceland, concludes the book with a heartfelt afterword, adding her voice to the persistent warnings and alarms that have gone unheeded worldwide by too many for too long. As a citizen of Iceland, her testimony is that of a compelling witness.

About The Author

David Freese has spent the last sixteen years photographing North America’s major waters, resulting in a trilogy of books: West Coast: Bering to Baja (2012), East Coast: Arctic to Tropic (2016), and Mississippi River: Headwaters and Heartland to Delta and Gulf (2020). His prints are in many collections, including the Center for Creative Photography, Cleveland Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Haggerty Museum of Art, and Library of Congress, and his photographs have appeared in Communication Arts, Photo District News, Photo Insider, Polaroid International, Popular Photography, Smithsonian Air and Space, and View Camera magazines.

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, who was born in Reykjavik and studied art history at the Sorbonne in Paris, is a well-known Icelandic novelist, playwright, and poet. Her six novels include Ör (Hotel Silence) (2016; English translation, 2018), which was awarded the Nordic Council Literature Prize, and Ungfrú Ísland (Miss Iceland) (2018).

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