I Dared to Live

Sandra Brand

A true story of a German officer in war-torn Warsaw who falls in love with a young Jewish woman disguised as an Aryan.
Date Published :
July 2000
Publisher :
Schreiber Publishing
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781887563505
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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While some 500,000 Jews were being brutalized inside the Warsaw Ghetto and systematically annihilated, a young and beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Jewish girl from a hasidic family was working in a Polish factory, outside the walls of the ghetto, where she had assumed the identity of a Catholic Polish woman, and became part of an underground network of people - including disguised Jews, Poles, and even a German police officer, engaged in anti-Nazi activities. Each of these people was taking a heroic stand against the ultimate evil of the Nazi occupiers of Poland, resisting dehumanization, death and destruction against all odds, and prevailing in the end.

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