The Historical Atlas of Prince Edward Island

The Ways We Saw Ourselves

James W. Macnutt, James W Macnutt

Maps, paintings, lithographs and archival photos document the history of Prince Edward Island.
Date Published :
October 2009
Publisher :
Formac Publishing Ltd.
Series :
Formac Illustrated History
Illustration :
Full-color illustrations
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ISBN : 9780887808654
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 11 X 9 inches
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The Historical Atlas of Prince Edward Island presents history from the vantage point of the artists and map-makers who depicted the people, places and events of the Island in visual and graphic form. The book is heavily illustrated with full-colour maps, paintings, drawings and other illustrative material depicting culture, countryside and events.

Using carefully selected antique maps, engravings, watercolours and images drawn from museum, archive and private collections, The Historical Atlas of Prince Edward Island provides a rich, illustrated history of the province, a record of "the ways we saw ourselves then."


About The Author

JAMES W. MACNUTT, Q.C., is a lawyer in private practice in Charlottetown who has studied architectural theory in symposia and has given numerous public talks on the domestic architecture of Prince Edward Island. He is the co-author of Heritage Houses of Prince Edward Island.