High Style on the High Seas

Passenger Ships Interiors

William Miller

This book follows the evolution of ocean liner design, its grandeur and occasionally its lower-class simplicity. There are the lavish suites, staterooms, even the austerity of third class and steerage. But mostly it is the luxury columned lounges, marble fireplaces, the chandeliers and the palms that are featured on these highly illustrated pages.
Date Published :
August 2020
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
176 color and black & white
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781781557846

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Ocean liners conjure up an instant image of luxury. The great salons and smoking room, the suites, the staterooms and even the indoor swimming pools. This book will look at a century or so of the decor of ocean liners. It begins with the likes of the Mauretania, commissioned in 1907, and shows the Edwardian flourish and finery—the palm court days. We move into the 1920s & '30s, to Art Nouveau, German Bauhaus and of course the high glamour of Art Deco. Ships include the Paris, the innovative Ile de France, the Bremen and the stunning Normandie and Queen Mary. Then there is post-war moderne, ‘mid century’ as it is dubbed today, and finally the contemporary of the current cruise generation—the floating resorts.

About The Author

Known as "Mr Ocean Liner," Bill Miller has written over 80 books about passenger ships. He has covered the liners large and small, in war and peace, and as collectibles and in post card form. Miller has also penned ovrer 1000 articles about ships and sea travel. He has been a popular guest lecturer aboard such liners as the QE2, QUEEN MARY 2, ROTTERDAM & CRYSTAL SERENITY for over 30 years. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, just across from the great liner piers of New York City, Miller has appeared in numerous TV documentaries, & news programs and himself has been the subject of a 60-min documentary called "Mr Ocean Liner". Miller has been the recipient of numerous maritime awards.


Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1 1900-10: Potted Palms in the Smoking Room; 2 1910-20: The Floating Palaces; 3 1920-30: The Longest Gangway to Europe; 4 1930-40: Cole Porter Music & the Smell of Expensive French Perfume; 5 1940-50: Drinks in the Bar After Dinner; 6 1950-60: Air-Conditioning, Lido Decks and $20-a-Day to Europe; 7 1960-70: Last of a Kind; 8 1970-Beyond: Floating Hotels & The Moving Resorts; Bibliography.

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