Harry & Bunnie

New Magical Star - I'm Bunnie

Philippe Osbourne

From the cartoon to the book! Harry & Bunnie is an animated television series (currently aired on Netflix) created by Animasia Studio (Malaysia). It follows young wannabe magician Harry who invents magical tricks to impress his friends, but always in vain. Meanwhile, his mischievous stage rabbit Bunnie always ends up stealing the limelight with its
Date Published :
July 2021
Publisher :
Gremese International
Series :
Harry & Bunnie
Illustration :
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9788873017882
Pages : 128
Dimensions : 8.2 X 5.5 inches
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This is the first book of a series for kids (age 7-11) from the cartoon Harry & Bunnie, an animated series (now on Netflix) of a young wannabe magician named Harry, who invents tricks to impress his friends, and Bunnie, the stage rabbit who always ends up stealing Harry’s limelight by having control of their wrangles for the Magic Wand. Harry elaborates crazy plans to take his wand back, but always fails. The TV show is a non-dialogue slapstick comedy with 78 episodes.

In this book there are the first two episodes (“New Magical Star” and “I’m Bunnie”), including all the gags and the funny conflicts between the characters; it also entails completely new, original and self-contained situations. The book is relevant to the cartoon, but it has dialogues for a more involving reading experience! The two stories in the book have a clear goal from the beginning and a “crazy” and amusing conclusion.

About The Author

Philip Osbourne is a writer from Portsmouth, NH. For many years he has been working on movie screenplays and comic books for the American market (among them, “Jenna” with Jim Fern and Joe Rubinstein, and with the original score by Iron Maiden’s Paul Di Anno), articles for Cinema magazines (“Empire”) and pitches for movie projects together with Film Guru, Brian Yuzna. Osbourne’s books are published in 40 countries and he is now the author of the official books “Harry & Bunnie” and “ABC Monster”, two cartoons produced by Animasia. The bestselling author Philip Obsourne was chosen for the adaptation of this slapstick, comedic series of books from Harry & Bunnie, the cartoon.

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