Gin: The Ultimate Companion

The Essential Guide to Flavours, Brands, Cocktails, Tonics and More

Ian Buxton

This new book from bestselling drinks writer Ian Buxton builds on the tremendous success of 101 Gins to Try Before you Die. It includes background details on distilleries and craft artisans, tasting notes and tips on the must-try latest gins as well as the eternal classics and longstanding favourites.
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December 2021
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781780277530
Pages : 272
Dimensions : 7.7 X 5.3 inches
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The 21st century’s own Gin Craze continues unabated, with exciting new crafted gins launched on a regular basis. Most recently, we have seen growing interest in Pink Gins and the development of a range of flavoured gins, not to mention the remarkable rise of tonics – with a tonic to suit every palate, and perhaps every gin. So naturally, leading spirits writer Ian Buxton has looked to revise and renew his focus on this most fashionable of spirits. In this book he brings his customary wit, industry knowledge and highly developed palate to this fast-evolving and dynamic market with enthusiastic, book-buying drinkers keen for more ginsights!

About The Author

Ian Buxton has been working in and around the whisky industry for close to 30 years, but has been drinking professionally for a good deal longer. He began writing regularly for Whisky Magazine shortly after it launched, and now also writes in a variety of trade and consumer titles here and abroad. He has published a number of books, including the bestselling 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die and 101 Gins to Try Before You Die.


This is the perfect … book about this zeitgeist spirit that should be kept by the bedside and dipped into whenever you’re feeling thirsty. If good humour and knowledge make excellent bedfellows, then Ian Buxton has made a luxury divan for them snuggle up on'

- Neil Cammies, Western Mail

It may be the only book on gin that you’ll ever need... Gin, the Ultimate Companion lives up to its billing and is all you need to get the most from your gin, whether you are a novice or an enthusiast'

- Paul Howard, Wine Alchemy

"The 21st century’s gin craze has continued unabated since the book’s publication, with exciting new expressions launched on a regular basis and a remarkable boom inf tonics to suit every palate; hence the follow-up, which brings Buxton’s customary wit, industry knowledge, and highly developed palate to this fast-evolving market once more."

- The Tasting Panel

Whether you’re looking to expand your ginology or simply want to know which gin you should be drinking and why, new book Gin: The Ultimate Companion by Ian Buxton, is all about the glorious world of the stuff, with tasting notes and tips on the must-try latest brands and eternal classics'

- Sam Wylie-Harris, Press Association

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