Get Urban!

The Complete Guide to City Living

Kyle Ezell

Date Published :
April 2004
Publisher :
Capital Books
Series :
Capital Ideas
Illustration :
175 b/w photos and b/w illus.
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781931868679
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.5 inches
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For millions who grew up in the suburbs or spent their working lives on endless highways commuting to and from, "Get Urban!" is a practical self-help guide to transforming your lifestyle - from a complacent suburbanite to an exhilarated urban dweller. City planner and dedicated urban dweller, Kyle Ezell is determined to bring people back to America's urban centers where life is diverse and convenient. After travelling throughout the U.S. doing urban reconnaissance, he has identified 34 exciting cities that have the settings, ambiance, architecture, housing choices, and opportunities you crave - without the expense. He'll help you determine your "urban personality" - from sleek post-industrial cultural community to gracious historic garden neighborhood; from diverse, trendy arts area to "blank canvas" neighborhoods in need of a rescue - and match your wants, needs, and aspirations to the urban setting you crave. Then learn urban survival skills, including searching for a city home, "schlepping," dealing with the threat of crime, preparing for unique urban weather conditions, blending into your new neighborhood, even how to walk again. More than 300 photographs, charts, quizzes, and maps make "Get Urban" an illustrated journey deep inside America's revitalizing inner cities and a preview of what you can expect if you dare to make the move to an exhilarating urban lifestyle.


When Kyle Ezell touts the joys of urbanization, he isn't just blowing smog. The author of Get Urban! The Complete Guide to City Living and other handbooks -- which are full of tips encouraging suburban folks to migrate back to the city -- is also a seasoned city planner with firsthand experience in urban-redevelopment projects.

- Westword (Denver, CO newspaper), June 2005

Urban dwellers might scoff at these seemingly elementary questions, but they are legitimate concerns to the millions of Americans who have never known anything but life in the suburbs, says Kyle Ezell, a city planner in Columbus, Ohio, and author of ‘Get Urban,' a how-to guide for adopting an urban lifestyle.

- Katy Barron, Austin American Statesman, June 2005

'Get Urban!' a guide to finding the perfect urban home.

- The Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO), May 2005

Kyle Ezell, an urban planner and author from Columbus, Ohio, said Elmwood's increasing star power was inevitable. ‘I knew that was going to happen,' said Ezell, who surveyed 42 neighborhoods in 30 cities for his book of ratings called ‘Get Urban.' Unique and alluring ‘seed' businesses, such as Kuni's, that settle in before high-wattage popularity clicks on, are the keys to attracting attention so that city districts take off, he said.

- Michelle Kearns, Buffalo (NY) News, December 2005

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