From the Midway

Unfolding Stories of Redemption and Belonging

Leaf Seligman

This inventive book has at its core a collection of linked short stories depicting the lives of sideshow oddities in an early twentieth-century carnival traveling through the rural south.
Date Published :
September 2019
Publisher :
Bauhan Publishing
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9780872332966
Pages : 224
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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This richly researched collection of linked short stories transports readers to a traveling carnival in the Jim Crow South. We meet the Geek, dancing girls, a carousel operator, several performers displayed as oddities, and the African American laborers who tend them. The final story crosses the ocean, underscoring the power and mystery of unexpected connections. Lyrical descriptions of each character function like a funhouse mirror, providing just enough distance and distortion to see ourselves more clearly. The sharply striated world of a century ago aptly reflects the tensions, divisions, and shared yearning for belonging that mark us as human. It’s under the tent that we ultimately find redemption.

About The Author

Leaf Seligman began writing during her Tennessee childhood where she encountered the midway, tent revivals, and the Civil Rights movement. She has taught writing in colleges, jails, prisons, and community settings since 1985 and worked as a minister, a jail chaplain, a youth services caseworker, and a restorative justice practitioner. She is the author of 'Opening the Window: Sabbath Meditations' and 'A Pocket Book of Prompts'. Her current projects include a novel, a memoir, and a series of death row monologues, all attuned to redemption and belonging.


"A riveting fictional meditation on the persistent drive to find acceptance and connection."

- Kirkus Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

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