Free at Last!

An Introduction to Prayer and the Spiritual Life

Noreen Mackey

A celebration of prayer, showing that prayer is an essential part of each of us.
Date Published :
March 2010
Publisher :
Columba Books
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781856076616
Pages : 141
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Many people believe that prayer is only for monks and nuns. Others think that praying consists of reciting some well-worn prayers. Free at Last turns these ideas on their heads. It shows that prayer is as essential to all of us as the food we eat. It is an adventure, a response to someone who has called our name, a journey into relationship that will bring us our deepest heart's desire. If you want life, if you long to be free, if you have ever wondered how to pray or how to live a spiritual life, this book is for you. "Beautifully written in a very personal style...Mackey's book is an excellent addition to the growing library of personal spirituality for seekers in the modern, hectic world...this book is recommended to spiritual directors for referral to the appropriate person seeking that 'freedom' referred to in the title"-Catholic Library World

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