Foundations of Classical Ballet

New, complete and unabridged translation of the 3rd edition

Agrippina Vaganova

Never published in English before, this is the most respected and most widely-read manual in the world on the Russian ballet techniques (the Vaganova Method). Published in its final version in 1948, by Agrippina Vaganova (Russia's most influential ballet teacher of all time), this penetrating, insightful and authoritative manual is the best availab
Date Published :
June 2021
Publisher :
Gremese International
Editor :
Prof Bruce Michelson
Contributor(s) :
Prof Flavia Pappacena, Aleksandr Wilansky
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9788873017899
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 7.8 X 5 inches
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This is the most respected and most widely-read Russian ballet manual in the world, written in 1938 by Agrippina Vaganova (Russia’s most influential ballet teacher of all time) and published in its final version (renowned as the 3rd edition) in U.S.S.R. in 1948. The book is presented – for the first time in English! – in its complete, unabridged, original form.

Agrippina Vaganova played a pivotal role in the rebirth of Russian ballet, and her teaching method has gained unparalleled fame throughout the world. This Russian ballet techniques reference manual is the basis for all other classical ballet textbooks. The book contains the original text, additional documentation, contextual analysis, a biographical essay of Vaganova’s lifetime achievements, photos, specific illustrations of movements, forms and positions of her ballet method, and a fundamental new study on the influence of the Italians (led by Enrico Cecchetti) on the development of Russian ballet.

About The Author

Agrippina Yakovlena Vaganova was born in St. Petersburg in 1879. She graduated from the Imperial Ballet School in 1897 and joined the Maryinsky Theater Ballet that same year. She was promoted to soloist in 1905 and to Prima Ballerina in 1915. She began teaching at the State Theater School in Leningrad in 1921 and at the State Theater Ballet (later known as the Kirov Ballet) in 1922. She was Director of that company from 1931-37 and of the education department at the State School from 1934-41. She died in her hometown in 1951.

Flavia Pappacena, is an Italian classical ballet teacher who teaches Dance Theory and Dance Aesthetics at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, Italy, and at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. She is the director of the dance books for Gremese and is author of numerous esseys and technical manuals on dance that have been translated in various languages. She lives in Rome, Italy.

An authoritative American ballet teacher, he is a Professor at Italy's National Academy of Dance. He develops professional skills for dancers of all ages. Former dancer Nederlands Dans Theater, Geneva Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Hamburg Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Balletmaster Zurich Ballet, Ballet Gulbenkian.

Founder and director of The Magic Light Company, which provides expertise, consulting and services to theatre, dance, television and film productions.

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