Yearbook of Astronomy 2019

Brian Jones

An inspiration to amateur and professional astronomers alike, the Yearbook of Astronomy warrants a place on the bookshelf of all sky watchers and stargazers.
Date Published :
February 2019
Publisher :
White Owl
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80 color & black and white illustrations
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Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9781526737038
Pages : 328
Dimensions : 8.25 X 6 inches
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An inspiration to amateur and professional astronomers alike, the Yearbook of Astronomy warrants a place on the bookshelf of all sky watchers and stargazers. Maintaining its appealing style and presentation, the Yearbook of Astronomy 2019 contains an authoritative set of sky charts and comprehensive jargon-free monthly sky notes to enable backyard astronomers everywhere to plan their viewing of the year’s eclipses, comets, meteor showers and deep sky objects.

In addition, a variety of entertaining and informative articles present the reader with information on a wide range of topics including, among others, The Cassini-Huygens Mission to the Saturn System; 100 Years of the International Astronomical Union; The First Micro-Quasar; Getting the Measure of Double Stars; Asaph Hall: Man of Mars; and Science Fiction and the Future of Astronomy.

The Yearbook of Astronomy has been around for well over half a century and, as it heads towards its Diamond Jubilee edition in 2022, continues to be essential reading for anyone lured by the magic of astronomy and who wants to extend their knowledge of the Universe and the wonders it plays host to.

About The Author

Brian Jones hails from Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire and was a founding member of the Bradford Astronomical Society. He developed a fascination for astronomy at the age of five when he first saw the stars through a pair of binoculars, and his interest took him into the realms of writing sky guides for local newspapers; appearing on local radio and television; teaching astronomy and space in schools and; in 1985, becoming a full time astronomy and space writer. He has penned numerous books which have covered a range of astronomy and space-related topics for both children and adults. His passion for bringing an appreciation of the universe to his readers is reflected in his writing.


The Yearbook is an excellent companion for the serious backyard or traveling amateur astronomer. It contains practical maps of the sky and comprehensive lists of worthwhile celestial viewing events for the year of 2019. The short articles are interesting and informative, covering astronomical trivia, history of astronomy, and recent discoveries. Serious observers will find this book to be a great traveling companion, while more casual observers ill be able to enjoy it a leisurely pace throughout the year, picking up new ideas for clear nights along the way.

- Matthew Newby, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Physics

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