The Crack

The Best of Glasgow Humour

Michael Munro

What did Dracula get when he came to Glasgow? A bat in the mouth. Just one example of the homegrown humour Glaswegians pride themselves on - lovingly collected here in a hilarious new and expanded edition of Michael Munro's bestseller.
Date Published :
December 2013
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cartoons throughout
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ISBN : 9781780271828
Pages : 160
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Hear about the guy whose nickname was 'Heid Furst'? His real name was R. Slater Hear about the stupit skindiver? He didny have a scuba. Glaswegians have always enjoyed a good laugh, and the home-grown variety best of all. This new and expanded edition of Michael Munro's best-selling book is a hilarious compendium of Glasgow humour. In addition to classics that never fail to amuse, it also features new jokes and stories, showing that the famous Glasgow tongue is as sharp and inventive as it has always been.

About The Author

Michael Munro has lived in Glasgow all his life and is the leading authority on the city's unique and expressive dialect. He has worked as a lexicographer with Collins and is now a freelance writer, editor and lexicographer.


This book's a stoatybumber, so it is

- Scots Magazine

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