Old-Fashioned Remedies: From Arsenic to Gin

Rob Hicks

Date Published :
March 2010
Publisher :
Remember When
Illustration :
100 color illustrations
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Dr Rob Hicks is instantly recognizable from his TV and radio shows and raids the kitchen and bathroom to show old-fashioned but effective ways to get better and stay healthy. In an age when many of us are looking for more natural remedies, Rob explores two angles – what do you need to fight particular illnesses such as arthritis or bad breath and what do kitchen staples (e.g. garlic) help to beat? How can you can be healthy and save money using old-fashioned natural remedies? He also looks at past disastrous cures, including mercury for whitening the skin and teeth and belladonna for ‘curing’ fevers and headaches - cures which generally killed or disfigured the patient instead. A fascinating book which will appeal to those who want to know more about what they’re eating and its benefits, or want to fight illness naturally.

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