The Good Priest

A Father Vincent Ross Mystery

Gillian Galbraith

In The Good Priest Gillian Galbraith introduces a new kind of detective - one with no forensic laboratory or legal powers at his disposal, but whose privileged access to the secrets of a small community allows him to right wrongs and bring perpetrators of crime to justice.
Date Published :
June 2015
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ISBN : 9781846973109
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 7.8 X 5.1 inches
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In the house of a Roman Catholic bishop a man lies in a pool of blood. Out in the bishop's diocese the quiet life of parish priest Father Vincent Ross is about to be thrown into turmoil by a terrifying revelation. There are ugly scandals being hidden by the church he has served for so long, and a murderer is on the prowl. The police and the authorities are groping in the dark, but Father Ross has been given special information that he cannot disclose to anyone. It gradually dawns on him that he and he alone can unravel the mystery and to do this he must put his personal safety, his reputation and finally his life on the line.

About The Author

Gillian Galbraith grew up near Haddington. For seventeen years, she was an advocate specializing in medical negligence and agricultural law cases. Before qualifying in law she worked for a time as an agony aunt in magazines for teenagers. Since then, she has been the legal correspondent for the Scottish Farmer and has written law reports for The Times. She lives deep in the country near Kinross with her husband and daughter, plus assorted cats, dogs, hens and bees.

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