No Sorrow To Die

An Alice Rice Mystery

Gillian Galbraith

A terminally-ill man is found dead, with his throat cut ear-to-ear. Alice Rice is brought in to investigate and finds herself possibly on the tail of a serial killer. She also has reason to believe her partner is lying to her. What secret is he hiding?
Date Published :
June 2010
Publisher :
Series :
Alice Rice Mysteries
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Binding : Hardback
ISBN : 9781846971648
Pages : 224
Dimensions : 8.5 X 5.3 inches
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As Heather Brodie kisses her lover goodnight, her disabled husband lies dead, his throat cut from ear to ear. Who wanted Gavin Brodie dead? Many people, including Gavin Brodie. Crushed by an incurable illness, he pleaded to be allowed to die. When Alice Rice is brought in to investigate another terminally-ill man is found murdered. Is it just a coincidence? Or is there a serial killer with a mission to get rid of the sick and infirm? And Alice has more worries when she suspects her partner, Ian Melville, is lying to her. What secret is he hiding? This atmospheric thriller builds on the success of the first three Alice Rice mysteries, and is a passionate tale of deception, betrayal and the value of life and love.

About The Author

Gillian Galbraith grew up near Haddington. For seventeen years, she was an advocate specialising in medical negligence and agricultural law cases. Before qualifying in law she worked for a time as an agony aunt in magazines for teenagers. Since then, she has been the legal correspondent for the Scottish Farmer and has written law reports for The Times. She lives deep in the country near Kinross with her husband and daughter, plus assorted cats, dogs, hens and bees.


An author to watch

- Publishing News

[Galbraith] offers a much needed female perspective on the city and the genre

- Scottish Field

Highly readable

- Alexander McCall Smith

Highly readable' 

- Alexander McCall Smith

[Galbraith] offers a much needed female perspective on the city and the genre' 

- Scottish Field

 'An author to watch' 

- Publishing News

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