ABC, My Grannie Caught a Flea

Scots Children's Songs and Rhymes

Ewan McVicar

Ewan McVicar has written many songs for children, some of which have been included in the children's show The Singing Kettle. This title integrates song and story and a host of small musical instruments and noise makers.
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March 2014
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ISBN : 9781780271958
Pages : 224
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Adults may lament that today's children do not sing in the playground, but the kids know better. Hilarious, energetic, surreal, shocking and nonsensical rhymes and songs are as much in evidence today as they always were. In this book, one of Scotland's best-known storytellers introduces hundreds of such rhymes from all over the country. Some date back hundreds of years; many others have been collected on the author's personal visits to schools. The result is an entertaining anthology which also offers a fascinating insight into the minds of Scottish children over the years.

About The Author

Ewan McVicar was born in Inverness. He worked as a banker in Scotland and Africa, then as a guitar teacher in the USA. On his return to Scotland, he was employed in various areas of social work before becoming a self-employed storyteller and songwriter. He has performed in over 200 schools and in castles, museums, folk festivals and other venues across Britain, as well as in Canada, the USA, Holland and Russia. He lives in Linlithgow.


a pleasure to dip into' - Facts & Fiction 'surreal, energetic, hilarious ...a fascinating read' - Scottish Field

- Facts & Fiction

surreal, energetic, hilarious ...a fascinating read

- Scottish Field

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