Stuart Adamson

In a Big Country

Glen Allan, James Dean Bradfield, Ian Rankin

This great tribute to Stuart Adamson reveals the complex story behind the acclaimed musician and offers much insight into the way the music industry really works. The biography follows Adamson's story from his formative years in Fife, first single at nineteen, his professional highs and lows, and his tragic death in 2001.
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June 2011
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Pages : 224
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The book that fans of the Skids, Big Country and the Raphaels have been waiting for - a critical perspective not only of Adamson's music and its wider cultural influence, but also the excesses of fame and how the music business really works. Stuart Adamson: In A Big Country tells the story of how a teenager who was raised in a small Fife village released his first single at 19, wrote three Top 40 albums in the next three years and was written off as a has-been at 23, but then went on to form a new band and sell more than 10 million records worldwide, touring with the Rolling Stones and David Bowie. Although Adamson was one of the most respected and popular figures in the music industry, his personal life was complex and ultimately tragic, ending with his alcohol-fuelled suicide in a Hawaiian hotel in December 2001.

About The Author

Allan Glen was born in Dunfermline and worked as a miner before studying journalism. He worked as an investigative news reporter on the South China Sunday Morning Post in Hong Kong before returning to the UK to work for NME, Melody Maker, The Guardian, The Stage, Music Week and the BBC as a broadcaster. He lives on Teesside with his family.


He was a massive, massive influence on me ... absolute genius

- James Dean Bradfield, Manic Street Preachers

An overdue tribute to a visionary musician and honourable man

- Mojo

Engaging journey through the peaks and troughs of an ultimately troubled life ... moving and well-judged

- Word magazine

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